SGP Membership

Connect with professionals advancing gender equality around the world.


As a paid member of SGP, you are joining an active community of professionals working to advance gender equality around the world. Membership benefits include:

  • SGP Circles to collaborate with peers on issues you care about
  • Resources to further your professional growth
  • Jobs and events around the world
  • Leadership opportunities in SGP committees, task forces, circles, and gender cafes
  • Networks for collaboration through SGP’s membership database

See below for details on how to become an SGP member.


SGP members are based in a variety of contexts and locations around the world.  Instead of a fixed membership dues amount, we ask you to contribute the equivalent monetary value of a meal at a restaurant in your local context.  

Consider the following examples:
$2 - $15 Cost of a breakfast
$5 - $20 Cost of a lunch
$8 - $50 Cost of a dinner
$50 - $200 Cost of a night out for a family


Feminism calls for collective action and lifting up those around us. In collaboration with other feminist networks, we will pair SGP members’ skill sets with feminist organizations around the world looking for additional capacity.  

  How much of your time will you be able to donate to grassroots gender equality organizations this year?

Consider donating between 4-40+ hours to one of your favorite feminist organizations.


Step One

Choose a membership dues amount.

Step Two

Pledge volunteer hours for the year.

Step Three

Once the checkout process is complete, fill out your SGP Membership Profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

All members and non-members will have access to SGP’s publicly available resources, including:

  • SGP Community Forum on Facebook
  • Resources share on SGP social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Gender Cafes to explore the latest research, emerging theory and innovative tools and techniques with practitioners, academics, and activists

Although many advancements in society require money, we believe that the most valuable and meaningful contributions we can make are the attention, time, and energy we devote to the issues and relationships we care about. Our membership structure reflects these values. We ask members to contribute to the SGP community in two primary ways: annual membership dues and solidarity hours. Annual dues consist of a monetary donation that is appropriate to each member’s context and means. Solidarity hours consist of a gift of volunteer time, to be available to grassroots organizations around the world that work on issues of gender equality. 

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Dr. Kristy Kelly (She/Her)

Former Co-President

Kristy Kelly is a sociologist specializing in gender and development, policy and politics, transnational feminisms, gender mainstreaming, and social change in Southeast Asia. She is currently assistant clinical professor of global and international education at Drexel University and Associate Research Scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University. Kristy teaches courses on gender mainstreaming, education diplomacy, gender and development in Southeast Asia and qualitative research methods. She has published on gender and education leadership, gender mainstreaming policy, gender and corruption, and post-socialist transition in Vietnam. She also consults and advises on gender and development issues for multilateral and humanitarian aid organizations such as UNESCO, The Asia Foundation, and Transparency International in Asia and Africa. Kristy serves as an Expert Advisor on Gender Mainstreaming to the United Nations, and is a Fulbright Core Specialist on Gender Equality. She received her BA from Pennsylvania State University, and MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.