Who We Are

SGP welcomes anyone and everyone using a gender lens to analyze and create sustainable interventions for a more equitable world. Whether you identify as a practitioner, academic, activist or something completely different, if you promote gender equality through your professional practice, we encourage you to get involved with SGP.


Gender advisors, consultants, project managers, applied researchers, policy analysts, aid workers, and others who work on the frontlines of programs dealing with gender norms have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in promoting gender equality and institutionalizing more equal gender norms. Practitioners often work independently or are the only source of gender expertise in their organization. SGP Practitioners offer different perspectives, information, and skill sets.


Researchers and academics who work on issues related to gender equality often operate in silos; there is limited coordination and information-sharing between different fields of study. SGP welcomes academics from all fields, from political science and economics to anthropology, sociology, and women’s studies, to share their expertise, collaborate, and contribute to a nuanced understanding of gender norms worldwide.


By taking action to address gender inequalities, we are all activists in our own right.  With SGP, those who advocate for more equitable laws and policies, respect for human rights, and the dignity of our most underserved communities can share information, ideas, strategies, and experiences with other members to find ways to make our activist efforts more effective.

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